when in the course of human events


“whom does the grail serve?”
la folie perceval, 1330 a.d.


these are pictures of the bronze? sculpture at the rothko chapel in houston, a place you absolutely have to stop in at if you’re in town; next to rock n robin vintage guitars which is just around the corner πŸ˜‰ it’s the place.


oh and btw, rnr guitars aren’t making those bumper stickers with their logo anymore. i was extremely bummed to find out cuz i had just sold a guitar with my last one on the case. boy, end of an era all over the place! cafe des artistes?! found out literally walking past on west 67th: gone last august. hunh? baby greens in austin? the drive-thru salad place where you could get great soups and a salad rollup and tea and be on your merry way…they were opening other branches all over town and then in oct: gone. all of em.


i thought the slow evaporation of pay phone booths was eerie but that weren’t nuthin.

bk to the max

in which we gather in cold sunset light at riverside park and play a few tunes, me and andrew anyway, and juliet and david build an empire in miniature, made of found cards- what freedoms, eh? πŸ˜‰ my ass was wet from the lawn and well, that just had to be endured. most other folks wouldnt have complained but there you are…..

just in case you’re interested.

no stars for endurance

nope. πŸ˜‰

cruising along fall is, just cruising. i’m sorry, anyone? september? ideas where it went or if it was ever here?

meanwhile, music, planning, ice chips very much, and smoothies. also, baked potato.

frankly, there are plans that are more than that: we’re shooting some footage for a couple songs later in the fall, super excited about that, and um-finally? tour dates have been ridiculous delayed but that’s only cuz it’s been a weird year and ive hadda do a bunch of stuff i hadda do so there. but soon! cant wait.

meantime also, juliet settling into her new place, getting chilly up there i hear, and down here, getting cool. about. nearly. i could run for a full hour and not die of heat stroke now, let’s put it that way. i could drink only three gallons of water a day and not pass out from dehydration, another. so.

anybody got ideas about japan? we are talking about music in japan, i keep hearing music in japan, music in japan–what are they up to? i wanna know! two fabulous buskers from ol’ harvard square have hit some fun times all over, dresden doll’s amanda used to play dress up and be a bride statue across from The Yard a hundred years ago, and martin sexton played every stop around the city i think but the Square was His. badass, buskers. they know a thing or two. careful who you run across and dont forget to tip! i think mike doughty still hits the subway on occasion to mixitupalot now that he’s a disco-master πŸ˜‰

anywho, time for…. carrots and hummus and a movie– tomorrow’s long and then: dancin. hmmhunh, dancin.

liberty ave @ liberty way

great intersection.

well, the rains have quieted a little down in the deep-a south. gulf south, that is. thnk gd. i was turning into a plant.


the sounds of a repeat on a take of a particular guitar lick over and over is an old form of torture used on prisoners of war in the last century, after recording was invented. (not looking up when recording was invented.) some of us crazies do it to ourselves, it’s called working on a record. a music project. whatever, haters, we are what we are.


slowly a form comes into view out of a fog- that’s what some takes are, a form coming out of a fog.


like this year.