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making sure spring gets its due, there’s a new feature this month: all future cd sales will go thru my website. so get ’em while supplies last. btdubbs, you can request signed copies still but just know it may take a bit longer, depending on when i am in town to sign.

the new album, unCovered, will be released in the fall on vinyl and digitally. i can get it for you wholesale. [jk- that’s a musical.] ❤

A little lag time, early August update

Deciding to look into the archives before starting the album and dig up a few treasures to release for the Subscribers List (see here or here), I came across some recordings from the Wind Chases the Sun sessions (see here). One was a song that I co-wrote with the wonderful Jesse DeNatale, about Leonard and his first wife, Mary, who went through his early trials with him. The Black Market Band re-recorded our initial demo track and gave it some real landscape, but I find I prefer the intimate, bare-bones style(surprise, surprise) of the initial track, so we remixed it and voila. It will be available on Aug 17th (->see music page) xo

The recordings on unCovered continue, a saga by now. More on that later. Meantime, it’s hot and always a good time for a tall iced tea…..

May Day

Songs cover

So, there’s a new album of songs coming and it’s avail for pre-release orders as of the 15th of this month over on Bandcamp 😉 It is a project not close to my heart, but it IS my heart: a tribute to my mother who died in December, it’s a collection of songs she sang all the time with us-my dad and us three kids- but since it couldn’t be 800 hours long, we had to peel it back…. to 21 tracks. 😉 But! They are pretty snippet-y tunes, some under a minute, and recorded with my bother Aaron and my daughter Juliet this winter. I hope you love them as much as I do!

They are going to be wrapped up in June ( i.e.: mastering, cds, etc) with liner notes and bonus & hidden tracks- well worth the tiny price tag of $7 hopefully! Thanks so much for listening and PLEASE, people, feedback! I wanna know what you think! xo



  • A double album of traditional tunes called Songs My Mother Sang, Vol 1&2 is available for pre-release ordering and a 1-song download, get Pre-orders on Bandcamp here )
  • 2012

    • Upcoming release Heyday EP is set for March 22, get Pre-orders on Amazon MP3 store or iTunes (or drop by The Store over here )
    • Hpaay…oops! Happy New Year, everybody! Make sure to check out the last days of the New Year Sale over in The Store, ALL albums and songs for …. well, a song 😉 xoxo
    • Release Oct 22, 2011 of Stephen McCarthy’s Dear Alice cd, available now on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud
    • Big fat August CD blowout sale: click on blue $5 Sale box on upper right corner of any album page on sale page for sale price via store link.
    • Grammy takes care of it’s own: MusiCares event Feb 10th, 2011 Honoree concert for contributions to uninsured musicians project
    • “Homeland” and “Gods & Nations” on Neil Young’s Living With War Today song page
    • “Sweet Folk Chicago” on WFMT with local folk luminary/guest host Andrew Calhoun of Waterbug Records Sat Dec 4, 7 pm CST http://www.wfmt.com streaming. Jenn’s “Me and Abigail” featuring Jeff Rady’s guitar work included in the evening’s lineup…
    • KYRS 92.3 FM’s Crossroads Radio out of Spokane, WA, Crossroads Bob (Rice)’s live interview w/ Jenn 12/12 @ 1-3 pm PST
    • Sovereign, the new album of solo acoustic songs by listener request, out on iTunes. Recorded live in Brooklyn, reviewed by Leicester Bangs back in October.
    • New Folk And Acoustic Music review out June 18th by Frank Gutch Jr (we love you, Frank Gutch Jr! xo)
    • Minstrel’s Daughter available at Waterbug Records, at Waterloo Records in Austin, in the UK at Smart Choice Music and as downloads on iTunes, so: Get your Christmas lists done early!

most this amazing

so i recently came across a whole bunch of unprocessed film rolls in cannisters in my things which had been stored basically since 2004 when i packed up my house in studio city and pretty much went on the road. anyway, ive been getting them developed and posting these old shots from, i dont know, 2002? ’03, ’04, ’05? in the last few postings. funny to see what we had been in the middle of. where we went. how things are. different world, really. hope you enjoy.