when in the course of human events


“whom does the grail serve?”
la folie perceval, 1330 a.d.


these are pictures of the bronze? sculpture at the rothko chapel in houston, a place you absolutely have to stop in at if you’re in town; next to rock n robin vintage guitars which is just around the corner 😉 it’s the place.


oh and btw, rnr guitars aren’t making those bumper stickers with their logo anymore. i was extremely bummed to find out cuz i had just sold a guitar with my last one on the case. boy, end of an era all over the place! cafe des artistes?! found out literally walking past on west 67th: gone last august. hunh? baby greens in austin? the drive-thru salad place where you could get great soups and a salad rollup and tea and be on your merry way…they were opening other branches all over town and then in oct: gone. all of em.


i thought the slow evaporation of pay phone booths was eerie but that weren’t nuthin.

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