minstrels daughter

A master class in mournful music. AmericanaUK 

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Well out of the storms, occasionally, a rainbow, a bird singing to ya sweetly from the Tower of Song, the vision rising on weary eyes. My friend Helen Degen Cohen has a book called “On a Good Day, One Discovers Another Poet,” and sometimes it seems like there are not enough good days. But I had a feeling about this recording, even before I heard it, and well, this is something extraordinary. Poetic, forthright, redemptive songs. Andrew Calhoun, Waterbug Records 

minstrel’s daughter

An industrial take on Americana, it’s a little reminiscent of Emmylou Harris recording with Daniel Lanois but even more stripped down and atmospheric. A left leaning set in an already left leaning genre, Leonhardt delivers the kind of set the cognoscenti will refer to in hushed tones as they pass the mp3s around. Midwest Record 

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