Back in 2015, around this time, I completed work on a book about the year after my mom died. It took me three years to sit down and write it but once I sat down, it came quickly. Then it took another three years to sit down and get it to the publisher- and this week, Thursday, it comes out in paperback, shiny (or actually, matte) and new.

It has seen a few revisions, mostly bc over time I was able to gain more and more perspective and like a weathervane, I wanted to keep it current. But at some point, you gotta just let it go. That’s what I’m doing this week- lettin it go. Lettin go of it.

If you’ve been waiting for the paper version, apologies that it took so long. If you are keen to travel light or you like your reading digital, I am having a promotional offer this week, to celebrate, and offering the ebook version of it for FREE over here. Should be available through Sunday and then goes back to the usual price. Drop a word of review over on Amazon, say if you thought it was gunk or good, I’d love to hear either way.

Meantime, still cloudy with a chance of moisture. My favorite. 😉