obama is off-book

as we say in the acting business. meaning, he isnt working off a script. he’s talking heart talk. i saw it toninght.

i got back from rehearsing for tomorrow’s show and my friend carole was watching the updates on indiana and the carolinas, and barack obama was coming on to speak. she said a lot about the diablical behind-the-scenes of corporate hilaries. when he came on to speak, after he led his lady down the steps safely to her seat before returning to speak, the man spoke off-book, no script, out of a full experience of what he was talking about. i switched horses tonight.

this guy is for real. can i say, i may have been wrong? i may still be, but this man is talking from his heart and that’s pretty much the proof i was looking for.

anyway, we learned each other’s songs today and come on down, we plan to sing em for you, all the way, tomorrow night.