austin votes

the polling place around the corner from my place was packed with people trying to jam themselves into this tiny i-dont-know-what, but they were voting. big time. obama picthas everywhere. he takes a good photograph, that fella.


apparently the polling places are under-staffed so are at risk for shut-downs, if they dont find people to staff em. i got asked to ‘judge’ the voting (i think that means you sit and take the crowd through it all or something), only they asked me to sit in on the republican side-which i thought was very democratic of them. if the place gets shut down for primaries, it gets shut down for both sides alike; nobody wins. very groovy proposition, it had fair play all over it.



early votes closed on friday, and i went over to the county courthouse just so i could pass the capitol building (im hugely in love with it, its very sexy) and put my 2 cents in. did you know there are only two sides in this primary? all the independents jumped on too late to get on the ballot so it was only this or that. i thought it would be a good thing to do on leap year day.



funny thing, democracy. funny funny thing. simple good idea, if it works out. i noticed that the machines we were voting on came from this company i forgot the name of but it was straight out of like that man of the year movie. hopefully without the glitch.



i like our country. i like how excited people are about having choice and saying something, being asked. it was a great idea. (ps downlow, the last above pic is juliet’s favorite bldg in town. she thinks its hot. i think its not as hot as the capitol.)